Banana County Resort is a man made Heaven created in the thick Forest to give soothing experience to the guests. It is situated in the precincts of Dandeli Town which is on the bank of Kali River in the Forest Dominated at Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka, India.

Dandeli Town is surrounded by Thick Forest and also known as an Industrial Town having one of the biggest paper factory. The Cosmopolitan culture makes Dandeli as a mini India and the Natural Beauty and Resources made the place very popular amongst the Tourist.

The Area is famous for wild life, Water rafting in Kali River, Forest safaris and other natural phenomenal spots like Syntheri Rocks in its surroundings. One of the greatest Saints Chennabasappa Temple is situated at Ulavi which is a great pilgrimage for a Veershavya Sect.

Dandeli being a very popular destination for tourism in Karnataka has Luxurious, Deluxe and Economy Hotels and Resorts for different segments of Markets which provide Travelers’ a great convenience in affordability. Banana County Resort is very popular amongst Travelers since it provides fabulous accommodation facilities which are very easy on pocket. The unique ambiance, leisurely comforts, enjoyment and hospitality are the prime attraction factors of Banana County which intern provide peaceful and soothing holidays for guests and their families and friends. Visit to this Resort at Dandeli, the guest get lifetime memories which can be preserved and cherished.

Banana County Resort being amidst thick forest has pleasurable climate without stink of pollution and a quiet habitat hence has reckoned as one of the most reputed Resort at South India.

Banana County Resort

  • Pleasure of stay
  • Best facilities and services
  • Affordable and compatible pricing
  • Heavenly hospitality
  • Coziness of loving nature


The guests are treated with traditional food, Ayurvedic massages, feel of milk farm, indoor- outdoor games and many more activities in the Resort.

Banana County Resort is all seasoned destination for the guests and can enjoy the natures flavours in Monsoon, Winter or Summer.

Adventure Activities in Banana County Resort

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River Rafting

The most thrilling Water Sport is River rafting is provided in Kali River at Dandeli. The Rafting is for 8-12 kms along the River Kali, however it depends on water level of the River.


Kayaking   is done in long boat named as kayak along with sail all along in it and get chance of visiting small islands, It is great practice of life time that unique experience.

Jacuzzi Bath

Jacuzzi bath is an activity   where water will fall with rapid force on the body giving   a natural healing therapy. It is one the natural activity you can enjoy in river water.

Jungle safari

Jungle safari is in open jeep under permission of forest Department officers   with trained guides. Guests are taken to forest in jeep where guests will get chance of spotting   some wild animals and   Birds, Sometimes  you can find very dangerous species of animals while jungle safari. This jungle safari is very interesting   drive all along with family and friends with lots of fun and Enjoyment.

Jungle Trekking

Trekking is a healthy activity in the early morning for fresh air and learning from nature. Early in the morning   some rare species of animals, reptiles and birds can also be watched.

Bird watching

Bird   Watching is brain exercise done in early morning which is an apt time for the spotting birds which come out in search of food and you need to have   patience in this activity for the keen observation of birds.


Camp Fire with Music: Campfire is a relaxing game in which you can play music around a campfire. You can play guitar or djembe, and play up to 2 players. Invent incredible beats, play your favorite songs, or just enjoy the cracking fire.

Banana County Resort: Best Hotel to Experience the Beauty of Jog Falls!

Nature has gifted so many amazing wonders to us. For example, water fall is one of the most amazing wonder of this planet. It keeps running all the time and watching the waterfall personally is one of the best experiences of anyone’s life. If you like to get close glimpse of the natural wonders then you should definitely visit south India. You will find it so close to nature that you can find natural wonders almost in every city. Who would not like to spend some quality time in such elegant and beautiful place? Well, this could be an amazing and extra ordinary experience but the adventure and pleasure of this would be ruined if you have planned everything but the hotel to stay with comfort. There are so many hotels near jog falls for your choice but if you have not planned hotel stay before your visit then it would be very hard for you to find perfect and convenient stay. But, if you are stuck in such situation then Banana county resort could be your best option because it is the most remarkable resort in jog falls.

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Banana county resort is highly reputed resort at south India. It is highly famous for its facilities and yet cost worthy feature. You cannot expect best pleasure of stay in general hotels and when it is the luxury hotel then the prices will also go higher than your expectations. But, Banana county resort will offer you pleasure of luxury hotel and best services & facilities in most affordable and compatible prices. The experience of staying in the hotels near jog falls is quite memorable and exciting. Along with the pleasant scenery of the nature near your stay, choosing hotels near Dandeli will allow you to get access to the city facilities as well. It means that the perfect scenery view will not deprive you from the advanced facilities of major cities. You will get conveyance, medical assistance and all the other important facilities always near your stay.

This resort at Dandeli will allow you to get a perfect tripping experience. Undoubtedly, Karnataka is really very amazing and beautiful place so you would be able to see many other attractions of this place when you will choose Banana county resort at Karnataka. It is in the best location. Your search for resort at Belgaum or for resort in Hubli ends now because Banana county resort is the all in one solution for your stay needs.